I mentioned to many of you that I recently resigned my position at a local university, where I had been teaching for many years. I knew that in order to grow the Ageless Woman platform and create something new, exciting, and important, I would have to give up something else. I would have to make room to let something new emerge. My tendency has always been to try and do it ALL – so this was a big step for me for a number of reasons.

I had enjoyed teaching, so I was feeling rather sad when I called to share my plans with my colleague and friend who ran the graduate program that I was part of. Before I had a chance to share my decision, she announced that she had decided to retire from the university in a few months. Talk about serendipity! I shared my plans to do the same and told her about launching the Ageless Woman.

I’m sharing this because, a few days ago, I got an email from her asking to meet over lunch. She is really looking forward to retirement – but, like many of us, she wants to explore how to share her gifts in an entirely new way. And – also like many of us – she’s not at all sure what that will look like or even where to begin.

I found myself wondering why this can be so difficult. No matter how successful we’ve been, how many degrees we have, how much we’ve accomplished in our professional lives – the thought of starting a new venture that is so PERSONAL can be daunting. There’s no clear roadmap to YOU – it’s not like enrolling in college, graduating, and going to work. This is different. We are often sharing the deepest parts of ourselves – and unlocking or uncovering them in a process of deep self-discovery. We feel raw, exposed, and vulnerable. We’re going into uncharted territory, and it can feel terrifying.

If you start to feel overwhelmed, it's important to remember: you are no different today than you were yesterday. It’s a process of self-discovery to become clear about your deepest purpose and meaning – and one that takes time and effort to shape and mold into something worthwhile. There are, fortunately, mentors, programs, and tools that can help one get to the next step. It’s also incredibly exciting and fulfilling, especially when you start to see the impact you can have on others or the financial freedom that can come from being an entrepreneur.

I believe the most important step is often just that – to take the next step. And then – you guessed it – take another. And when you feel unsure and discouraged… That’s right! Take action again. Whenever I start to feel overwhelmed or unsure of myself – and, believe me, it happens to ALL of us – I just make myself take the next step. I don’t allow myself to worry about what will come next or whether or not I’m doing it “right.” It’s amazing how even just one small step forward can reignite your passion and motivation and instill a sense of confidence.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about being a successful entrepreneur, it’s that you can’t wait until you figure it all out to get started. That will never happen. Just like a child, we learn by doing or by imitating others. So, if you aren’t sure how, find someone who’s doing it even just a little better than you and follow in their footsteps. There’s always a path forward. Remember Hecate, the Goddess of the crossroad? By choosing one path, you have to give up the other. That is always the way – so let go, embrace a path, and move forward.

Wishing you success in whatever is calling you. I’d love to hear about it – book a call with me HERE and let’s talk!