“Be Impeccable With Your Word” 
Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements

We were out of power and internet for the past four days – our neighbor’s large tree came down in a blustery storm and took out the lines. I was feeling disgruntled and annoyed – and a little sorry for myself at the inconvenience.

With no access to the internet, I got a little behind in my work. So, Monday Musings for this week are a day late… I almost didn’t write anything. I was not feeling particularly inspired and kept grumbling to myself, “Why bother… Who cares? So what if I just miss one week..” Granted, this is relatively minor in the grand scheme of things… BUT – I had made a commitment to myself to get an email out every Monday morning, and I didn’t do it.

How many times have you made a commitment to yourself and found an excuse to let yourself off the hook? How many times have you said, “I’m going to exercise tomorrow,” and then you didn’t. Or promised yourself, “I’m not going to eat that dessert / pastry / ice cream,“ and then you did. How many New Year’s commitments are made and broken? Why is that? And why does it even matter?

The reason I'm sharing this with you is that these seemingly minor slips offer an opportunity to reflect on the importance of being true to our word. By not honoring a commitment we’ve made to ourselves or someone else, our words don’t match our actions.The problem comes down to integrity. Our personal power comes from being in integrity and diminishes whenever our integrity is undermined.

In his book The Four Agreements, author and Toltec wise man Don Miguel Ruiz presents a simple but profound code of personal conduct based on adhering to four basic principles or “agreements.” The very first agreement is, “Be Impeccable With Your Word.”

Words are powerful forces of creation. They articulate our reality. They put our dreams and goals out there for the whole world to see. They define our agreements – to ourselves and to others. And they are the cornerstone of personal integrity. Being in integrity with ourselves is probably one of the most important steps we can make to foster change and personal growth.

You will be more confident and step into leadership when your words match your intentions and when your actions match your wordsAs your word becomes more and more powerful, your reality will begin to reflect that. As you speak from a place of integrity and use clear language in the service of your highest self, you will start to manifest those choices very much as you have described them.

So, for this week, I encourage you to start by simply observing. Do your words match your intentions? Do your actions match your words?Just the act of noticing will help you grow and strengthen your personal integrity.

This week's challenge: Notice a commitment you made and are about to let yourself slip on – and then hold yourself to it. Stay committed and in integrity with your word to yourself. And observe the result.

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