“I dwell in possibility…”
― Emily Dickinson

Warm greetings …and my apologies for my absence. My husband and I bought a house a few months ago, then spent a month or more rehabbing it before we moved in. It has been such a lot of work, but it’s coming together, and the 100+ year old house is — almost! — back to its original splendor.

Working on the house was incredibly rewarding, because – even if it was a bit back-breaking at times (and, yes, my sciatica acted up, and I ended up in physical therapy) – I could visibly see the results of our efforts taking shape daily. It was a very tangible demonstration of just how much we can achieve when we put our heart and soul into something we love.

Which is exactly why I swore not another day would go by without writing to YOU! Because I love our connection, and I am so passionate about the work I do guiding women over 50 to live a life of meaning and prosperity and empowering them to share their gifts with the world.

I watched a video recently that a friend posted to Facebook. What particularly spoke to me was the message that, “we are all pregnant with possibility.” I found myself thinking about that over and over. So many women come to me because they feel a deep longing to be more and do more with their lives, now that they are entering or in their “wisdom years.”

But — for so many of us — we have reached the second half of life and things are not quite as we had imagined they would be. Something is missing or lacking, or we are afraid that it’s too late to improve our finances, relationships, health, spirituality, or finally – FINALLY – find our true purpose and meaning.

The Seed of Possibility is within you, dearest one — it has always been there. It is my wish for you that you recognize your potential, step forward into the larger life that’s calling you, and create the inspiring, prosperous, fulfilling life you’ve always longed for.

What is holding you back? I’d love to hear about it – book a call with me HERE and let’s talk!