One of the things I am asked over and over is, “How do I bring my gifts out into the world?”

I hear this from so many women I work with, who have a deep longing to do more with their lives. Who feel called to step into their greatness and serve others – in a bigger way than perhaps they have ever done before. These years of our Third Act are a time when we weave the threads of the first two acts of our lives together and truly become who we are meant to be. I believe we all need to dream big, plan big, and push our boundaries. And by being our best and brightest, we give others permission to do the same.

As we serve others, we also have the ability to create a life of abundance and prosperity for ourselves. It is important to remember that we cannot give from a place of scarcity and want. We need to have full, abundant, self-sustaining lives to be able to serve, lead, and impact others.

The idea of starting something new can be overwhelming, and it can be difficult to know where to begin. But the place of “unknowing” is the ideal place from which to create. It’s very masculine to believe that “not knowing” is a weakness. Questions that have complexity – such as “What are my gifts?” “Whom shall I serve?” “Where do I start?” always come from the place of “not knowing.” Being in the not knowing is a potent place to stand. You can’t discover the new without first standing in the not knowing.

The place of “not knowing” is the beginning of the discovery process to create something new. It is the birthing point to bring forth new potentials that have never been before. And only YOU – with your unique gifts and experiences – can bring this forth into the world. 

It takes grit, determination, and courage to birth something new that will impact others. You’ll be stretched outside your comfort zone. And you’ll make mistakes – we all do. Stay committed and be accountable for the actions you need to take to realize your dreams.

I believe in YOU – and know the world needs the unique gifts that only you have to offer!